Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Easy day

No running Monday as usual.  Did a lot of power exercises at the gym (dead lift, squat, incline bench, heavy leg presses, etc) in addition to one of my standard routines.  I'm beginning to transition the lifting routines from "strength" to "power" as the 5+ months of strength training has me at a good level to handle the power exercises.  These exercises should go well w/ the hill repeats which start on Friday.

Today I did my standard double w/ 4 very easy miles in the morning followed by 5-miles in the evening.


9/29:  No running.  Lifting (upper-A, core, abs, legs) plus dead lift and squats.  (moved dead lift up to 280 lbs)

9/30:  AM  4-miles @ 8:09
          PM  5-miles @ 7:13  HR - 150


bricey said...


Your dedication to putting in workouts 7 days a week is great. I 'need' to take at least 1 (or more) days fully off from exercise or my body complains - or maybe I'm just lazy!! :)

Mike said...

I wish I could get down with the lifting the way you seem to be able to. Nice work.

Mike said...

Thanks guys. I'm hoping the lifting accomplishes a couple of things -

#1 Injury prevention (knock on wood)
#2 Allow me to handle hill repeats, plyos, and speed work better.

Being that by the Spring, a lot of the speed work is going to be at Mile race pace or faster, I'm going to need that "speed base" from the hills and plyos to be able to handle the training. And the only way I feel I can handle the appropriate level of hills and plyos is to first build up that strength from the weights.

It's a lot of work, but I'm hoping it pays dividends down the line.