Saturday, December 27, 2008

From the Jim Ryun Archives . . . (sort of)

Today's rep session at the track was mapped out as follows:

Standard warm up:  (mile jog, stretching, 2 x 200m, re-stretch)
600m - 1:44-1:45
3x400m - 69
4x300m - 51
6x200m - 32

The running was to be continuous w/ slow jogs in between equal in length to the previous repeat. This was somewhat similar to last week's ladder session in that it was a Rep session w/ slow jogs in between, however that session consisted of only 2.8km at pace while today's workout would be 4.2km.  Also, today's pace would be slightly slower than last week due to the big jump in volume.  The idea here was to get a nice rhythm going throughout.

JT mentioned to me that this was a similar to a workout that Jim Ryun used to do (except that #1 - he would do 2x600m keeping the volume at each rep length 1200m, and #2 - he'd be home, showered and in the middle of dinner at the time I'd still be toiling w/ the 300s)  The point though was that I too was going to be doing this workout at "rep pace" (from the Daniels book)

Another little tidbit I discovered was that in the Daniels book, this actual workout appears w/ the 200s being done at "fast pace" (faster than Rep pace).  JT doesn't want me really gunning it in the cold weather, but if the weather was warm enough, I was going to try and crank up a few 200s if I had anything left by then.

Thankfully the temps were up at 55-degrees today, so that was good.  The only issue I was going to have was that some discomfort flared up in my left thigh on Friday - I was going to need to warm it up really good and try to be careful.

Typically my warm up 200s come in around 31-32 seconds, but for whatever reason the first 200 today clocked a 29.4, which surprised the hell out of me.  I hadn't run a 200 under 30 during any of my repeat sessions.  I throttled back a bit on the second one (30.5) and got ready for the workout.  Now I was really hoping I had something left for those last few 200s.

600m - 1:44, 
3x400m - 70, 68, 68
4x300m - 50, 50, 50, 49

I had a nice rhythm going and the 300s felt especially solid.  Time for the 200s.  The plan was to ramp them up as I went along.  First one- 31, second one - 30 (where I ran the curve conservatively and focused on the straight), third one - 29.8 (opposite of #2 - fast curve, held back some on the straight).  

On to the last three - I was going to try and run hard for almost the whole 200m on these.  Number 4:  28.02, that one felt good . . . . . until I stopped.  It was at that point that I was reminded that I had a slight issue w/ the left thigh - oops.  I thought about ending the session there, but somehow it only bothered me for a few seconds, and by the time I had jogged around to the starting line it felt fine.  I made sure I cut the pace way back on #5 - (32), and w/ no issues after that one, I went ahead and ran a 30 to finish up.

The thigh feels OK now, but I'm going to have to be careful for the next few days.  Last time I had this same flare up it lasted a couple days and then just disappeared.  I'll hope for the same here - it doesn't seem to be anything serious.  

Overall the workout went better than I expected.  I feel like I'm getting more coordination back on my 200s, and my stride on the 300s felt nice and smooth - some improvement over the past month for sure.  I'm not running these 300s on the balls of my feet to hit the times anymore, it's more of a mid-foot stride which has the advantage of being much more sustainable over longer distances.  Making progress always feels good - just have to make sure I don't injure myself in the process.


Sat, 12/27:  7-miles including, 600m - 1:44, 3x400m (70,68,68), 4x300m (50,50,50,49), 6x200m (31, 30, 29.8, 28.0, 32, 30)

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