Tuesday, May 5, 2009


A lot of beer will be consumed today in Mexico (and California) in celebration of Cinco de Mayo.  I will also be raising a pint this evening, however for a different reason.  Today is the day I finally signed up as a member of US Track and Field.  I imagine they'll be sending me my membership card in the mail shortly.  

Of course immediately after signing up on line, I could click on a link that would take me directly to a page where I could purchase USATF merchandise at a 10% discount . . . . however I'm sure said merchandise was previously marked UP 20% prior to that, so w/ my membership - I'd just be paying 10% extra!!  I'm half joking here - it looks as though they had some pretty nice stuff and the prices weren't that bad.

I'm going to need this card to get into a lot of the meets so this needed to be done sooner or later.  

Interesting 1000m repeat session on the schedule tomorrow.  I'll be doing split-1000s for the first time. (split meaning part of the run at pace-X and then kicking it up to pace-Y somewhere in the middle)  Tomorrow's split will have me running the first 800m between 3k and 5k pace and then trying to hit the last 200m in 32.  Should be challenging, I'm interested to see what I can do w/ these.


Tues, 5/5:  30-minute run, 6:57 pace

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Mark said...

okay thats the first step in signing up, gtg!

1000Ms split? never tried the w\o let us know how it goes