Saturday, October 4, 2008

Daily Triple

Been having some issues w/ my flats (ASIC Hyperspeed-2) that I use for the Tempo work at the track.  The heel is tremendously low, and this has caused my calves to get really tight over the past 3-weeks.  So this past Wednesday I ran in my old flats (ASIC DS Racers) and had no issues, however the calves are still a mess.  

Thankfully I had an appointment scheduled w/ my CMT for Thursday and she was able to work out a lot of it.  Good news is that the ITB is still clean - no issues there.  Being that she needed to dig into the calves so much, there was no way I was going to be able to run on Thursday due to the soreness - so that became an off day.

Hills were scheduled for Friday, but I was still sore an decided to push that work out one more day.  Instead I would do my usual easy day running double w/ 4-miles in the morning and 5-miles in the evening.  The dilemma that caused was that Saturday is supposed to be a lifting day and I was not going to lift and do hills on the same day, so what to do?  

Answer - I was going to 'triple' on Friday instead.  4-miles in the morning, lifting in the afternoon, an 5-miles in the evening.  None of the lifting was on legs, so as far as running goes, it was the standard double that I've done many times before.  It takes a good deal of energy to get out there 3-times in one day and do something, and I was very happy that I still felt good enough to put up sub-7 minute miles comfortably in the evening run.  

I'm a bit concerned about the calves an how that may eventually have an impact on my knees, so I've got to watch that very closely.  I don't know how much the hill workout will affect this, but I'm going to give it a go if the weather holds up today and see how it goes.


10/2:  No running.  Stretching, rolling, appt w/ CMT.

10/3: AM  4-miles easy @ 7:41 pace
          Afternoon - lifting (Upper-B, abs)
          Evening - 5-miles @ 6:54  HR - 152

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Grellan said...

Three workout in one day! All that showering must get tedious. Look after the claves.