Friday, October 17, 2008

Hill Repeats, Take-2

After my down week it was time to get back into the hill repeats on Friday.  The target was 10 x 1-minute up a 10% grade, where I jog down and then immediately start the next repeat.  I chose not to mess w/ the "Hill of Death" (the 20% grade that I attempted 2-weeks ago) and found a nice 8% grade hill to use instead.  Not exactly 10%, but 8 is much much better than 20!

Wow what a difference!  Two weeks ago I could only manage 4 repeats of 45-seconds each before my quads were on fire, and after 6 repeats I was done - totally dead.  Here, w/ an 8% grade I was able to cruise up the hills at a decent pace w/o killing myself.  The first 5 or so were done at about 7-minute pace and I eventually progressed down to 6:30 and then finally 6:13 for the last two.  With a few of these workouts under my belt, I'm sure I can run them faster.  The big key is how am I going to feel tomorrow!?  Hopefully, not nearly as sore as last time.  I've got a very easy day scheduled tomorrow, but then a long day follows that so I'm really hoping my legs feel OK.  


9/16:  6-miles @ 6:58 pace  HR-152  (a couple ticks higher than normal, probably due to elevated temp of 80+ degrees)

9/17:  AM  4-miles @ 7:28
         PM  5.5-miles including 10 x 1-minute hills (8% grade, ave pace - 6:52)

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