Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ready to Go

Couple of really easy days ahead of the race.  Five easy miles on Friday, and just a quick 2.5 miles today to loosen up.  

The "weakness" in the quad seems to be gone and for the most part the legs feel great.  The down week has really helped to clear the deck of a few nagging little things.

I have a bit of an issue at the base of my back on the left side, however.  It surfaced in the middle of Friday's run out of nowhere.  It was sore last night so I took some Advil and iced.  Slight improvement this morning and it's been feeling better throughout the day.  As long as it doesn't get worse during the race it should be a non-factor.  

Not much else to say - just time to go out and run.  


9/10:  5-miles easy @ 7:10 pace

9/11:  2.5-miles @ 7:02 pace

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