Thursday, October 16, 2008

Six by Eight

Wednesday means up-tempo, so I headed for the track to get in my 6 x 800m workout.  But before getting to that, here's an interesting little story about a college kid that apparently isn't all that bright.  As I pulled into a nearly full parking lot at the community college and started looking for a space, I was nearly clipped by some kid backing out without looking behind him.  After narrowly escaping the accident, I decided to go around him and look for another spot.  As luck would have it, I circled the small lot and there were no spaces available, "damn, I guess I'll have to go back and see if the spot where the kid pulled out is still open".  So I swing back around heading towards that spot and what do I see. . . . . the same kid standing behind his car next to another car.  Yeah that's right - this genius had just backed into someone else!! 

Now, I can see getting into an small accident in a parking lot - it happens.  What I CAN'T see is how someone who isn't looking and "almost" gets into an accident can make the same mistake a whopping 5-seconds later and hit someone else.  That takes real intelligence!  In fact, shouldn't there be a Bud Light commercial about this guy?  "Real Men of Genius" - Today we salute YOU, Mr. No-Look-Backer-Upper!  (I could go on here and write the whole commercial, but my posts have been long enough as it is)

On to the workout.  The plan was six 800m repeats w/ 2.5-min breaks.  The pace was to start around 2:52 (5:45 mile pace) and ramp down to about 2:40 (5:20 pace).  I was thinking something like this:  2:52, 2:50, 2:47, 2:45, 2:42, 2:40.  However, I knew there was a good chance that the reps would be a bit faster.  Here's the actual workout:

Rep #TimeAve HRMax HRHR- 128HR Min

The 2nd to last column shows how long it took for my HR to get back down to 128.  (No specific reason why 128 is chosen other than that it's a point where I feel fully recovered, and I've been using this number to check recovery of many other workouts)  The last column shows the HR at the end of the 2.5-minute recovery period.

You can see from the data that the first 3-reps were pretty easy and I was able to recover down to a 117 HR or better for each.  The 4th rep maxed out at 170 HR which is what I believe to be close to the max of my Threshold zone  (using 92% of max HR for this calculation)  The recovery after rep #5 was substantially slower than the rest, so things were certainly changing by this time, but I still had no trouble running a 2:32 for the final rep. 

If I were to have kept the reps between 2:41 - 2:46 I feel I could have done 8 or 9 of these w/ no issue.  The workout never felt hard, on the contrary it was quite enjoyable the whole way, but that may be in large part because I simply love these types of workouts.  I came away feeling really good, and this morning there is no soreness or fatigue to speak of.  It was nice to throw a 2:32 up there after the 5 previous reps w/o really going ahead and "gunning it" - I could easily have run 2:20s here, but that wasn't the point of the workout.  Interested to see what coach makes of the data.


10/15:  5-miles including 6 x 800m @ 2:49, 2:48, 2:44, 2:41, 2:38, 2:32

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