Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Line 'em up Baby - 200s!!

This title comes from my sprint coach back in HS.  Once per week we'd get this exact quote yelled out to us at practice right after warm-ups.  "Hey coach, what are we doing today?"  "Line 'em up baby - 200s!!"  This of course meant that we'd be doing 200m repeats at a good clip for about an hour.  As soon as we'd get that line, you'd inevitably hear a collective groan from most of the group.  I think the fact that coach knew the groan was coming simply added to his enjoyment of yelling out the line - over time he'd alter his tone of voice upon delivery, think George Contanza's dad, "I'm back BABY".  

Today's in and out 200 session looked like this - 3 x (4 x 200m)  The 200m slow jogs back to the start took about 80-seconds, and between sets I was to take an extra 1.5-minutes.  Coach gave me my target paces that were to ramp down w/ each set and the simple instruction, "Don't kill it!"  (i.e. - I don't want to see any 29s)

Personally I was looking for a few things here myself.  Number one, could I feel any additional power in the legs from the lifting and hill repeats.  Number two, did my form feel comfortable. Number three, would I feel as though I could sustain the speed for a longer period of time.  One thing I knew for sure, I was NOT going to be gunning my leg turnover, that's a no-no at this point - too big a risk of straining a quad muscle.  These repeats were going to be nice and relaxed, not overly fast with moderate leg turnover.  Down the line I'll have to pick some spots w/ coach to work on cranking up the turnover as that will be a key component to resurrecting any speed I may have left.

Overall the workout went pretty well:

Set-1 34, 36, 35, 34   Set-2 31, 34, 34, 32   Set-3 32, 32, 30, 30

I was also able to derive some answers to my questions:  Yes there was more power in the legs, especially in the adductors.  In set-3 I made a conscious effort to try and open up my stride length on the last two repeats, while keeping the turnover the same; and I was pleasantly surprised how easily I was able to open it up w/ no loss in turnover whatsoever.  That 7% increase in pace (30 vs 32) is all stride length, and the adductors felt solid and strong throughout.  

In regards to form, it was somewhat shaky.  I'm not concerned about it, usually after 5-6 speed sessions it snaps into place.  I'm sure it will be fine.

For number-3, sustaining the speed - tough to say how long I could maintain those paces.  I felt fine at the finish of all of the reps but whether I could maintain those paces for 400m, 450m 500m, there was no way to tell.  I'm sure I'll find out more when we do the longer repeats.

Lastly, as expected the turnover was mediocre at best.  This was planned of course, but somewhere down the line I'm going to need to work on leg turnover extensively as there's so much to be gained there.  

A good first speed session - not too challenging and some good info came out of it.  I learned a good deal about where I'm at in several areas.  I can see some areas that need work, and I was pleasantly surprised w/ my leg power at this point in the training.  (I hope to make further improvements here when we hit the plyos)  


Mon, 11/17:  Lifting (Upper-A, abs) stretching rolling
**  Good power session on upper.  Incline-bench:  5-reps @ 150% body weight

Tue, 11/18:  5-miles easy

Wed, 11/19:  6-miles including 12 x 200m, paces above.  

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