Friday, November 14, 2008

A Little Under the Weather

It didn't take long after the last post to start feeling weak and achy all over.  Perhaps a bug was coming on.  Went to lay down around 3:00pm and next thing I knew it was almost 6:00.  My wife fixed me some chicken soup (even though it was my week to cook), and I went to bed early.

I'm feeling much better today, but still a bit tired - no run today.  Tough to say whether I'm actually sick or just run down.  A review of the log book would suggest that the latter is certainly a possibility.  Last Thursday was the tough threshold session, then 10-miles on Friday, killer hill repeats on Saturday, followed by the 14-miler on Sunday.  Throw in 2-sessions at the gym durning those 4 days and an additional tough leg lifting session on Monday and now I wonder how I lasted as long as I did w/o feeling lethargic and run down.  (especially when I throw in the lack of sleep, no vitamins, and poor nutrition overall . . . not to mention being under-hydrated)

Evidently I had decided it was an OK idea to go lax on taking care of myself while physically pushing myself to the limit at the same time.  I guess when things are going well w/ your training it's easy to forget you're not 25yo anymore.  

Time to rest up, get the sleep/nutrition/hydration back on track and have at it again in a couple of days.


bricey said...

you're right - when you show your schedule in summary like that you've certainly been pushing yourself to the limit. Rest well and recover quickly - chicken soup YUM - you'll be back running in no time.

Grellan said...

It's a fine line between overreaching and overtraining, one that's not always visible. A bit of R n R i'd say.