Friday, April 3, 2009

5k on Tap

Similar to the last build, I will be capping off my base training w/ a 5k run.  It just so happens that this time every year there is a pre-Easter 5k "fun run" in town.  This "Big Bunny Fun Run" as it's called, is a nice little event - they also have a walk, a 1k run for the little kids, and a large raffle afterwards where they give away a huge number of prizes.  

Things worked out perfectly here where I was scheduled for a down week, so I took it easy the past few days (the long interval session on Tuesday was the only hard running this week), and I'll be doing the 5k tomorrow!

We have a local masters guy who wins this thing every year.  I believe he's about 45 years old and runs a 15:50.  He's a big time marathoner and ultra runner and has probably banked a good 80 thousand more miles than I have.  (I'm thinking something like 82,000 vs 2,000 - but hey, doesn't that mean I should have fresher legs!?)  Clearly I won't be going out w/ him, but if possible I'll try to keep him in sight for a while.  

I have no idea how the race will go, what kind of competition there will be, etc.  I just plan on going out there and putting in a good effort.  About six months ago I ran my first 5k in 18:03.  Obviously, I'll be looking to improve on that time.  

I'll let you know how it goes.


Wed, 4/1:  5-miles @ 7:07 pace

Thurs, 4/2:  Off



good luck with the 5 k, I reckon you should be in at least the low 17 minute bracket going by your mile times.


or maybe even 16.50!

Ewen said...

Good luck Mike. That will be interesting - esp how you hold up after a fast start.

I'll take a guess at 17:22.

Mike said...

Thanks guys. I'm not expecting a time anywhere near Rick's projection (although it would be nice!)

Being more of a shorter distance guy - I don't come anywhere close to what's projected on the McMillan curves. My curve is more up and to the right than the standard horizontal. So for example if I can run a 5k in X-time, my 10-mile and 1/2-mar will be slower than predicted, but my mile will be faster than predicted.

So if you judge by my mile times, the only distances that will look as good or better than that on something like McMillan would be the 800m and 400m.

I'd be pretty happy w/ a 17:22!

Grellan said...

Best of luck Mike. That 18:03 is history for sure!