Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Few 1000s

On the heels of Tuesday's difficult session, I awoke Wednesday to discover that my left quad was a little stiff.  Other than that, just a slight amount of soreness in the hamstrings and calves, which was expected.

I made sure to baby the quad for a few days - I have an appointment w/ the CMT next week, so I'll be on my own stretching and rolling until then.  

Saturday was long interval day.  Being that the Tuesday session was so tough, and I'm planning on running a bit of a progression on Sunday, coach decided to back off a little on the intervals.  Instead of a more typical 4 x 1000m at about 3:15, we were going to do 3 x 1000m at 3:15-3:20. (3-minute breaks between each)

We're in the middle of a mini-heat wave this week (about 92 degrees today), but I was able to hit the track before the temps got too hot (80 degrees)  I was planning on starting at about 3:20 and maybe ramping down slightly if I felt really good, but surprisingly I felt great from the onset.  

Times were 3:15 - 3:13 - 3:14, and although the HRs were a tad higher than usual (probably due to running in higher temps for the first time in a while), I didn't really feel it until the last 500m of the last interval.  Good short session.

I'm planning on getting in a few hard miles towards the end of my run in the trails today, and hopefully the quad doesn't stiffen up.  


Wed, 4/15:  5-miles @ 6:57  (quad felt stiff during the last 1/2 mile)

Thurs, 4/16:  5-miles @ 7:12 (quad OK)
AM  lifting (upper-B, abs) stretching, rolling

Fri, 4/17:  lifting (upper-A, abs) stretching, rolling

Sat, 4/18:  4-miles including 3 x 1000m (3:15, 3:13, 3:14)  3-min rests

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Ewen said...

I hope the quad is on the improve. Pretty good session really. I agree the heat is going to raise the HR, so I wouldn't worry about that.