Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mix and Match

Today was another "combo workout" where I did some long intervals up front followed by some speed work on the back end.  These sessions are new to me - I'm used to running the entire w/o at close to the same pace, so it takes some getting used to.  I can clearly see the value in the sessions - use the long intervals to get in some VO2Max type work (even if it is in lower volume) which also pre-fatigues the legs such that I can be forced to work hard on the speed portion even though I'm no longer able to go all that fast. (which hopefully decreases the chances of injury)

Today's deal:

Standard warm up:  Mile jog, stretching, 2x200m (the 200s are like long strides to get the legs ready to go)
3 x 800m @ 2:35 (2.5' rests)
6 x 200m @ 30-31 (60-second rests)

The 8s went off without a hitch, but one thing I learned today:  coming from a sprinter's background - I'm not that big a fan of combining 60-second rests w/ speed work!  (although this is exactly the type of training I need to process the lactate better to handle that 2nd lap during an 800m race - the reality is, I need to do a lot more of this, unfortunately)

I hit all the times, but the 5th one wasn't much fun, and I honestly didn't even want to go to the starting line for #6.  The fastest one was 30.0, the slowest was 31.4 and I averaged 30.8.  Not too bad, but these guys should get better when I get more of these short rest sessions under my belt.

A few easy days ahead - I have a session from hell scheduled for Saturday. 


Sun, 4/26:  5-miles @ 6:56  (should have been a long run, but the hip was tight so I cut it short)

Mon, 4/27:  Appointment w/ CMT - hip is getting better, everything else was much improved, and there are now no other issues.  No running (scheduled off day)

Tues, 4/28:  lifting (upper-B, abs) stretching, rolling. 
No running - took an extra day to rest the hip

Wed, 4/29:  Interval/Rep combo.  Standard w/u, 3 x 800m (2:34, 2:35, 2:35 - w/ 2.5' rests), 6 x 200m (30.8 average - 60-sec rests)


Ewen said...

Mike, you did well considering it was an 'anti-sprinter' session ;) Reminds me of a girl who used to run in our group (2:05 for 800) - used to love running fast, but hated short recoveries or long intervals.

Do you move around during the rests? Just asking because that does help dissipate the lactate. One 'killer' session we did occasionally had standing recoveries - as soon as you could stop, you stood still for 30-45 secs, which lets the HR recover, but slows dissipation of lactate.

Mike said...

I think most short distance runners hate short recoveries and long intervals. Of course we also thought back in HS that the mile was a 'long distance' event!

I'm hoping that by forcing myself to do more LI's, and short recovery work (not to mention doing more mileage, threshold work and hills in the base period) I can maximize my training to end up being competitive with more talented guys down the line. That's the hope anyway.

I do move around, but not much. Maybe walk in a small circle, grab a sip of water, etc - but it isn't much.

So which one makes you feel more recovered for the next rep - lower HR or better dissipation of lactate?