Monday, April 20, 2009

Rotating Discomfort

The plan for the Sunday run was for 8-miles starting at a relaxed pace and ramping down to threshold effort for the last 2 miles.  A couple of things altered this plan:

#1 - I started later than I wanted due to the 90+ degree temps (even at 6:30 pm!).  This late start caused a time constraint so I wound up going faster than planned early in the run.

#2 - With the quad feeling close to 100%, I was hoping to be out of the woods on the potential injury front, however about 2-miles into the run, my left hip began to bother me.  It never got to the point that it became a legitimate problem, but it did keep me from really hitting it towards the end of the run.

The first mile was 6:47 (much faster than planned) and although I did settle into a high 6:50s pace running through the trails - this pace in that heat probably sapped some of my energy.  Towards the end the pace dropped to 6:20, then 6-flat, and eventually about 5:54 before easing up the last half mile.  

Overall the run was OK, but I'm now concerned about the hip.  I've had left quad stiffness plenty of times so I'm familiar w/ what that means for me, how to treat it, and that it really isn't a serious issue.  This hip thing though, I don't know.  It's never happened before, and although it doesn't seem serious, the fact that it's an unknown has me concerned.  Today is my off day, so I'm doing all the standard stuff - ice, ibuprofen, rolling, stretching, etc.  I'm not sure what the schedule is going to hold for this week as I need to see how this thing progresses.


Sun, 4/19:  7.5 miles @ 6:40

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bricey said...

take it easy with the hip/quad and I hope it's n thing serious