Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bobcat in the Yard

We have a fair number of bobcats in our area, and with all of the rabbits we now seem to have running through the neighborhood, we've got one particular bobcat who sees no reason not to simply make his home amongst the  humans.  

Bob found his way into our yard a couple days ago, and probably spent a good half hour there before leaving.  Unfortunately, my wife had the digital camera w/ her that day otherwise I'd have a few pictures to post.  Next time.

Today was my day to run in this IT Band recovery process.  I managed 3.5 miles before I decided to stop.  (before the run I put in a hard cap at 4 miles no matter what)  No pain, it's just that I've become so sensitive to the leg that even the slightest twinge can be felt and I simply will not allow myself to blow this recovery right now.  Went home - iced, stretched, ibuprofen.  The leg actually feels a whole lot better than it did even early last week.  Keeping the band stretched makes a big difference, but strengthening all of the muscles around the area (hip flexors, gluteus medius, etc) is what will actually provide the long term cure.

I figure I'll alternate days for a while:  Day-1 will be strengthening the area + cross training and Day-2 will be a short easy run.  I'll also be icing twice a day and stretching perhaps 4-5 times a day.  The good news is that I don't have to completely stop running w/ this injury - that certainly helps keep the mental approach to recovery in check. 

Training:  3.5 Miles @ 7:05 pace

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