Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Threshold Day

I was thinking of moving my threshold workout to Wednesday this week figuring I might have some soreness two days after the 12-miler on Sunday.  The legs were fine however, so there was no reason not to run the workout on the regularly scheduled day.

Cruise Intervals today, three 2-mile repeats w/ 2-minute rests.  The workout went pretty smoothly - first interval at 12:26, second one at 12:29, and the third one at 12:28.  Average pace was then about 6:14.

Obviously the short rests (4-minutes in all) help me quite a bit - if I compare this workout to the Tempo Run I did last week (5-miles @ 6:25 pace), I was able to do one extra mile (6) at an 11 second/mile better pace (6:14 vs 6:25) for what amounted to the same effort in terms of HR.  

Looking at HR data, the averages for the 3 repeats were 160-165-166 which correspond to about 87%-90%-90% of max.  The HR for the 2nd mile of the last two repeats was 169 (92%) - meaning the last mile of those last two intervals was a little tougher, but still a bit lower than the last 2-3 miles of the Tempo run last week.  

All in all a good workout.  I'll probably run a negative split 7 or 8 miler tomorrow.  I'll start around 7:05 pace and keep ramping it down every mile.  

Training:  7 miles (including warmup and cool down) Three 2-mile repeats @ 6:14 pace w/ 2-minute breaks.

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