Monday, February 11, 2008

IT Band Issues??

The outside of my right knee felt a bit "off" Wednesday evening, but didn't appear to be anything major.  Thursday's easy run didn't aggravate it and it felt fine during the off day on Friday.  No issues during the run on Saturday, but that evening the outside of my right leg (both slightly below and slightly above the knee)  didn't feel right.  

I probably should have skipped the Sunday run as a precaution, but being that it felt OK, I went ahead and ran the scheduled 9-miler in the park.  No issues during the run. . . but about 5 minutes after the run the knee sort of "ceased up" for about 15 minutes.  Some pain even walking.  Ice and Ibuprofen helped, but the hip flexors are sore now and after reading up on my symptoms, I think I may have over-stressed my IT band on the right leg.  

The knee feels fine again today, but I know it isn't so I'll likely be taking a few days off.  I've also got an appointment w/ a CMT tomorrow.  I'm interested to see what he has to say about the hip flexors and IT band.  At this point, I don't think it's anything serious, but in hind sight I'm probably starting my rest one day late.

Training:  Sunday - 9 miles @ 7:47
Week - 38 Miles

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Paul said...


Some 'old saws' for you...

You are about to start what could be a 50 year running career if you do it right.

Don't be afraid to take 1-2 weeks off if your body says so.

The secret to a successful masters career is to avoid injury.

It's better to race rested, even slightly undertrained, than it is to race banged up.