Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Missing Car Keys

Today I was scheduled to double up on my workouts - 5 miles at a moderate pace of about 7:00 in the morning, and then some core work and 40 minutes on the elliptical machine in the afternoon.

I was cruising along nicely at the track when hitting the 3.5 mile mark I noticed my car keys were gone.  There were a few ladies walking on the track behind me, and as I approached them to ask if they had seen any keys, one of them holds them up and says "oh, are these yours?"   She launched into the explanation - she was determined to find the owner of these keys, yada yada yada.  In all honesty, if it were a man I probably would have had a few choice words, but all I said to these ladies was "yes those are mine" and they put them back.  

I mean, taking the keys is quite ridiculous - especially since I believe she was trying to find the owner of the keys.  There are only two possibilities here - either 1 - no one has lost their keys.  They belong to someone running on the track, and they will retrieve them when they are finished OR 2 - someone has in fact forgotten their keys (much less likely being that there are at least 6 people currently running on the track) This person will at some point figure out that they do not have their keys and will go back to where they left them.  IF the keys are moved to a different spot by someone, the person who forgot the keys will now NEVER find them.  What was the plan here - go ask every person on the track whether the keys were theirs?  And if not, then what, take them home??  OK - complaining now over. . . back to your regularly scheduled program. . . .

By this point, my run had lapsed for over 2 minutes.  If I was only a mile or two in, I probably would have started back up, but knowing I was going to hit the elliptical later I just hit the cool down phase and that was that.  

The good news is that the recovery is going rather well.  I'm probably at about 90% now.  Every day the Ober's Test shows improvement, the band doesn't feel nearly as tight, and I've been pain free for almost a week.  I could probably start up w/ regular workouts now, but to play it safe I'll stay in "recovery mode" for a while longer.  

Using the elliptical machine helps a lot.  I'm finding it to be a very good cross trainer - the "reverse mode" really gives the quads a nice workout, you can get your upper body involved w/ the handles which helps get the HR into 75%-80% area, and I can do it every day w/ no impact to the joints AND w/o severe knee bends (unlike the bike) so that the IT band is not rubbing against the bone to cause further irritation.  I'll probably be doubling (running + elliptical) most days now until I get back into my regular workouts.  

Training - today:  3.5 miles @ 6:55 pace, full core workout (abs, lower back, hips, glutes) 40 minutes on the elliptical w/ 13 minutes in reverse mode - level 12 of 20.

yesterday - 60 minutes on the elliptical, kept HR between 143 and 152 most of the way.


Ron said...

haha, i love when people try to help. I usually leave an old shirt I don't care about with my keys. People usually don't care to bother with an old shirt.

Grellan said...

Knock Knock