Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Back to the Hills

Today I ran my first set of 1-minute hills since the Fall.  Nothing special, 8 x 1-minute w/ a 3.5 mile warm up.  (was supposed to be 10 x 1-minute, but I really started to feel it in the glutes after just 6, so I made the decision to do two more and call it a day)  In October I got very sore after my first hill session and it wound up affecting my next workout, so this time I decided to pull it back a little until I see how my body reacts over the next two days.  Other than that, the session went OK.  The pace was good, but I'm hoping that by my 3rd session I'm hitting these guys much faster.  

Also, I wound up running 5-miles on Monday which is usually my day off.  After the 12-miler on Sunday I figured I'd go out and do a recovery run, but the pace came much easier than I was expecting and I wound up going faster than I'd have liked.  

If all's well tomorrow, I should be looking at a couple of easy days and a threshold workout on Friday.


Mon, 3/9:  5-miles @ 6:50 pace

Tues, 3/10:  6-miles including 8 x 1-minute hills


Ewen said...

Stopping at 8 looked to be a good call. The first lot of hill repeats can do strange things to the muscles.

Hope you have a good session on Friday.

Grellan said...

Hills are certainly the most challenging workout and demand respect. Better to do 8 and come away intact than to chance 10 just because it's on the programme.