Sunday, March 1, 2009

Solid Week

In what seems to be the case every time I go for my Sunday run - the wind, rain, and slick (very) muddy trails were all present.  Today's "long" run was increased to 11-miles (up from 10 last week)  Started off conservatively - if my legs were a little tired before yesterday's workout, they'd certainly be tired today, and this was indeed the case.  

Of course tomorrow's my off day so I didn't want to just mail this one in.  I can rest up tomorrow.  First half averaged about 7:08, second half averaged about 6:48.

This closed the week out at 42-miles, which is my first 40+ week since November.  Average pace for the week came in at 6:42 (of course the workouts certainly help w/ that)  Not counting the workouts, the average was 6:55 and that seems to be a good steady pace for me these days.  

Plans for next week aren't finalized yet as the weather is going to play a big factor, but I'm hoping to log 40-44 miles again w/ two workouts and a 12-mile long run.


Sun, 3/1:  11-miles @ 6:58 pace


Ewen said...

Good week and long run Mike. I could run 11 miles at that pace once - I think it was 1991 ;)

I didn't know you'd only been running for a year and a half - you're doing well for so little background.

What do you think you'd race 10 miles in? I'm just wondering how much slower your long-run pace is.

Mike said...

Coming up w/ a 10-mile time would just be speculation, I honestly have no idea. It's so much longer than anything I've put in a hard effort on that it's just too far to accurately extrapolate the curve.

Clearly I have no over-distance training for such an event, so having it be anything more than a long tempo run would likely be a huge challenge. I imagine that unless I were to set aside a few months to train for that distance, my time wouldn't be very good.

With that said, these long runs aren't really "tempo runs" for me. They're slow enough such that I can run at that pace every day. However, as the workout intensities ramp up, the pace of these other runs should slow down some so that I can put more effort into the workouts.

Sorry I don't have a better answer.

Michael said...

Nice long run on the heels of Saturday’s w/o. It has taken me months to adjust to the double Sat/Sun routine. Keep it up and I hope the weather improves.

Ewen said...

Thanks Mike. That pretty much explains it. I was just curios about how hard they were, as the pace is similar to what I ran for 10-13 mile training runs many years ago. A 10 miler in 64 minutes was 'hard' and 72 'easy'. Being a metric country we only had one or two ten mile races per year.