Sunday, March 15, 2009

Getting by on Little Sleep

I got a whopping 4-hours of sleep last night, and not much more than that the previous 4-5 nights.  I figure eventually it catches up with me - and perhaps that day was today.  Twelve miles on the schedule the day after a workout.  I was a bit concerned that I might be out of gas as I was definitely tired and sluggish during the day, so when the time for the run approached I felt I needed a little "boost".  

I found a few mini candy bars in the pantry (Heath, Hershey's, and Nestle Crunch to be exact).  They were just the bite sized little buggers, but I figured they'd do the trick.  (Hey, until Guinness comes up w/ a recovery drink, you gotta do something!)  I also made sure I took a packet of Roctane (the magic beanstalk beans equivalent of energy gels) that I'd take at about the 5-mile mark.

The candy/Roctane combo worked to perfection.  Twelve miles at 6:51 pace in the hills capping off a 43+ mile week.

Tomorrow's an off day for running - if I can't get a good night's sleep tonight at least I can rest up some.  Hills are Tuesday so I need to get a few Z's before then.  I don't think Nestle's Crunch works on hills . . . . . . 


Sun, 3/15:  12-miles @ 6:51 pace


Ewen said...

I thought Guinness was the perfect recovery drink!

Nice effort for that one - also on the 3/2/1 ks.

Interesting you mentioning lack of sleep... The winner of Australia's biggest trail run (broke the race record by 5 mins), calls himself "Sleep Train". All he does is sleep and train!

Mike said...

Yeah Guinness is the perfect recovery drink until it messes w/ your hydration!

I'm going to need to go into big time catch up mode on sleep here over the next two days or else this week is going to be a mess.