Sunday, March 8, 2009

Nice Finish to a Haphazard Week

For the most part, this was a week I'd like to forget.  However, yesterday's threshold session was fairly solid, and today's long run went well.  Twelve miles on the schedule today, and after laboring through the first few miles (mostly because they're uphill) I started to feel better and the pace began to pick up.  

Overall the run in the trails averaged 6:44 pace w/ an ave-HR of 158.  This winds up being about 3-beats/min lower than the 10-mile run at the same pace I did back in November, and the HR data compares favorably to the period where I was hitting my long runs between 6:40 and 6:55 every week.  I'm hoping this means I'm finally making progress again compared to where I was before the injuries.  

Because of the two missed days, the weekly mileage came in at a meager 29-miles.  After 3-weeks of building up my mileage after the injuries, I guess I can claim I was due for a down week, but unfortunately I'm not dumb enough to believe my own BS!  : )

The weather should be good this week, so I'm looking to get it going again.  10 x 1-minute hills early in the week, and a tougher threshold session late in the week.  The Sunday long run should be about 12-miles again before moving it up the following week.


Sun, 3/8:  12-miles @ 6:44 pace.  Average HR-158

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Thomas said...

That's some nice running - very impressive!