Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Can't Beat This Deal!!

As I mentioned before, I've been using the GU Roctane on my runs over 11-miles and occasionally on the long interval days as well.  Yesterday I realized I had gone through most of my dozen packets over the past few months so I needed to go to REI to pick up a few more.  These buggers are not cheap - $2.50 per packet, but if you buy something like 8-packets or more at REI, they give you a 20% discount dropping the price to 2-bucks.  (yes I know, still expensive - but they sure do work!)

So I go to REI yesterday and grab a couple handfuls.  I get to the checkout desk and drop them on the counter - turns out I grabbed 13-packets.  Fine.  At the regular price plus tax I figure I'd be looking at about 35-bucks.  I would never have imagined I'd be walking out of there for what I actually paid - the conversation went as follows:

Clerk:  OK, you have 13 of these.
Me:  That's enough to get me the 20% discount right?
Clerk:  Yes it is.  Do you have an REI card?
Me:  A what?
Clerk:  An REI card - have you shopped here before?
Me:  Yeah, I don't know if I have a card though, let me look.
Clerk: (while I'm looking through the wallet)  It's going to be $26.00
Me:  No tax?
Clerk:  No, we're not charging tax on these right now.
Me:  Great, 20% discount and then no tax.  I have this temporary card thing - is that good enough?
Clerk:  Didn't we send you the updated card?
Me:  I don't know, I'm surprised I have this one.  Oh wait, here's an REI card.
Clerk:  (runs it through)  Oh, you still have a dividend on this card.
Me:  A what?
Clerk:  A dividend.  We pay you a dividend at the end of the year equal to 10% of whatever you bought previously.
Me:  Really.  How much is on it?
Clerk:  $25.26 - would you like to use that today?
Me:  Sure
Clerk:  OK.  Your total is then 74-cents.

So there it is:  13-packets of Roctane for the grand total of 74-cents.  Not bad.

I was able to get in my standard easy run of 5-miles yesterday w/o too much trouble from the hamstring.  Unfortunately, I seem to be developing some kind of cold - ears are clogging up (can't hear all that well right now) and today I woke up w/ some congestion and a bit of a cough.  

It would seem the past week of light running and off days has weakened my immune system!  I need to get back to killing myself soon so that I can get healthy again!?

I have the 3-mile tempo later today - w/ the hammy and the cold I have no idea how it's going to go.  I know that mentally I'm ready to put in a good effort, I just don't know how well the body is going to hold up.


Mon, 1/26:  no running  (scheduled)  Core work, stretching, rolling.

Tues, 1/27:  5-miles @ 6:55 pace


bricey said...

great deal. remind me to send you shopping for me next time I near some running stuff... :)

When's the next race?

Mike said...

Yeah that was certainly an interesting experience.

There are races every weekend up until Feb-28, so theoretically I can race anytime. The problem is obviously "when will my hamstring allow me to run at that pace?"

My hope is that I skip this Saturday, but then get back to my original schedule of running on 2/7 and then again on 2/14, finishing up w/ a race on 2/28. However, more realistically - I'll have to skip 2/7 and push out to 2/14.