Monday, January 12, 2009

Final Preparations Before the Winter Season

Fortunately, the hamstrings came through Sunday's workout just fine.  In fact, as of now they feel better than they did yesterday. 

With this news, I should be OK to go through my final preparations heading into the season.

The tentative racing schedule is as follows:

Sat, Jan 24 - 800m
Sat, Feb 7 - 800m (and possibly a Mile)
Sat, Feb 14 800m (and possibly a Mile)
Sat, Feb 28 - 800m (and possibly a 1500m)

If we do decide to double, it certainly won't be all three weeks - two at the most.  All of my training recently has been geared towards the 800m, so these additional races will be more of a workout than anything else.  This schedule gives me two weeks between the first and second race, giving me a little time to adjust my training pending the first results.  And then, after back-to-back races, I once again get two weeks to make any final adjustments heading into the last race.  As I mentioned before, I won't be heading to any of the big meets in March.  Once February ends, it's back to a mini-build mode to get ready for the spring/summer season, which is far and away the more important of the two.

The first "Race Prep" session will be on Wednesday - it's short and fast w/ a good deal of rest in between each repeat:

warm up + 2 x 200m
400m:  62
7-minute break
600m : (first quarter 62, try to hold that pace for the last 200m)
7-minute break
200m:  sub-28
5-minute break
200m:  sub-28

The key here is the 600m as it's the rep to help give me an idea as to what my target 800m pace should be.  The first 400m of that rep should simulate the first 400 of the 800m race, and the last 200m should sim the last 200 of the race.  (the 3rd and slowest 200m is the one that's theoretically omitted)  So it's a quick, but relaxed first 400m followed by the hard effort required to hold that pace for 200 more meters (sort of like the final kick in the race)  Target pace here is 62-seconds/quarter which would give me a 1:33-flat 600m if it goes according to plan.  To be honest, I'm going to be looking to shave 1 to 1.5 seconds off of that estimate and come in at about 1:31.5 to 1:32-flat, but that's going to be extremely difficult.  I'll just do the best I can.


Mon, 1/12:  Off (scheduled)


Ewen said...

The miles and 15s are going to be hard after racing the 800! Even if they're just 'training' races.

Yes, the 600 will be interesting. 93 with 30, 32, 32 would be impressive. I'll guess 29, 32, 33.

bricey said...

I agree with Ewen that running the mile after the 800 would be tough but given the strength you've demonstrated in some of your recent intervals and the endurance of the longer runs I'm sure that you will be well able to handle the double - particularly if there is at least one hour between races. I don't know about you but I used find that when doubling (say doubling a 400 with 4x400 leg or a 400 with an 800) I often ran better in the later race.

Nice winter/spring series I'll be interested to read how it goes.

From memory it's the lactic build up over the last 200 of the 800 that's the killer - the painfull memories live on!!!

Nice winter/spring scedule of races. Granted that you haven't races yet but do you have any target times fo rthe 800 or mile in mind?

Mike said...

Thanks guys.

My 300m session on 12/31 was meant to give me a good idea of the pain in the last 200m of the race. After a 6 x 300m set to generate some fatigue, I had to do a 3 x 300m set at just over 46-second pace w/ minimal rest - and the last 200m of #3 was absolutely dreadful.

The 600m portion of Wednesday's workout should give me a good idea of the target time. Although it obviously doesn't include the killer last 200, the 2 x 200 and the fast 400m before it should introduce enough fatigue to make that rep very very difficult. And at least I'll get to feel what it's like trying to run another 200m after a solid first 400.

bricey said...

Thanks mike - sounds logical. Seems like your coach has a detailed plan thought out!! I'm sure your will reap the rewards!!