Monday, January 5, 2009

This Week's Speed Session

No running today - Monday is usually the lone off-day each week.  I will be heading out to the gym a little later to get in a lifting session however.  

Here's the early week workout given to me by JT:

Warm up 2x200
400@66/67--90 rest
6min rest
400@63/64 60r
200@28/29 60r
6min rest

Not as demanding as last week's 300m session, but this one will require me to maintain speed a little longer (400m vs 300m) on a few occasions.  Obviously everything here funnels down to the last 400m where I'm interested to see if I can run a sub-61 w/ the fatigue from the previous two sets.  I do get a nice 6-minute rest before that last one, but I believe I'll still be feeling the effects of set #2, as all of those reps are pretty quick for me.  

I'm looking forward to this one.  If I can hit that last quarter in 61 I'll feel pretty good about where I'm at.


Mon, 1/5:  lifting (upper-A, abs) stretching, rolling


Private said...

When I started to read that I was thinking it seemed manageable... then I got further down! Seeing the type of workouts you have to put yourself through for middle distance running makes me glad to stick at long distance.

Mike said...

Hey Private - thanks for checking in. Happy New Year!

You definitely need to enjoy this type of training to do it. If I were dreading track workouts, I'd never make it.

What I find enjoyable about middle distance training is that it's always interesting. For several weeks I might be focusing on distance, then the focus might switch to temp type stuff, then hills, a few different types of speed work, lifting, plyometrics, etc.

I find this keeps me mentally into it because I'm never stuck doing one thing for too long. No doubt the training is hard, but at least for the moment I'm enjoying the challenge.