Saturday, January 3, 2009


I'm still feeling the affects of that last repeat session - nothing's sore per se, but when I get out there to run I just feel some overall fatigue.  JT says it will take about 9-10 days to be fully recovered from that session, but obviously I should feel 90%+ after just a few days.

I was scheduled to run a couple of easy days on Thursday and Friday.  Everything went fine on Thursday, but on Friday . . . . 

 . . . it was one of those days where it's a very good thing I don't own a gun!  Having some serious issues w/ work would be putting it mildly.  When it was time to run my easy 5-miler I was still "highly agitated" and I had a tough time keeping the pace in check throughout.  

I've got some threshold work slated for later today.  I'm hoping to be feeling recovered enough for that one, but I'll have to wait and see.


Thurs, 1/1:  5-miles @ 7:06 pace

Fri, 1/2:  lifting (upper-B, abs) stretching, rolling
5-miles @ 6:53 pace - faster than I wanted

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