Sunday, January 25, 2009

Coming Along

Another 3.5 miler today and the hamstring continues to improve.  I did some extended stretching and rolling at the gym a few hours before the run, and then I heated up the hammy w/ a heating pad prior to heading out.

Unlike yesterday I felt no stiffness even early on, so I took the liberty of "testing" it out here and there throughout the run.  First mile was 6:50, then a 6:40 up a 3.5% grade.  On the way back down I allowed myself to extend the stride just a little to see how it responded, and it seemed OK.  I averaged about 6:15 for the last mile and a half w/ a little quarter mile pickup at 5:25 - no issues.

An hour later it feels fine, but I there is certainly some tightness remaining.  I plan on taking a very easy day tomorrow followed by another easy day on Tuesday.  If I continue to improve at the same rate, I'm hoping to get in a 3-mile tempo run on Wednesday.  Keeping my fingers crossed.


Sun, 1/26:  lifting (upper-B, abs) stretching rolling
3.5 miles @ 6:34.  Hamstring is feeling better.


Ewen said...

Good luck for Wednesday Mike. 3 miles at tempo pace will tell you a bit about how your aerobic fitness is travelling. I'll be interested in the splits and how you're feeling in the last mile. Hopefully the hammys are good for it.

Mike said...

Thanks Ewen. It might not be a "full on" tempo run. Coach wants me to keep it in check for a mile and a half and then ramp the pace up a little.

Unless I'm certain I'm 100% physically it will probably be a "tempo lite".

Michael said...

Glad to see that things are coming around, hope the leg holds.