Sunday, January 4, 2009

Reigning it in

As the winter season approaches, the intensity of the repeat sessions has elevated.  The 300m session last Wednesday was brutal, and this week I've got a tough 400m/200m session on Tues or Wed along w/ a very challenging long interval session coming on Saturday.  

Over the past five weeks, I've essentially been running three workouts per week - the short rep session, the long interval session, and the aggressive long run on Sundays.  However, with the higher intensity of the interval sessions something needs to give, at least a little.

So today's "long" run was cut back to just 8-miles (as opposed to 11), however the pace was about the same as the others.  (6:57 vs the 6:54 average of the previous four)  It doesn't seem like much, but omitting those last 3-miles will keep me much fresher for the tough work that's coming during the week.  

The meets in my area start on Jan 10th but I won't be running my first race until the 24th.  I'll probably get one more long run in before then (about 12-miles at a similar 6:5x pace).  

The last race I'll have on the schedule is likely to be Feb 28th.  There are other races after that one that run into mid-March, but as I've stated before, the focus is really on the spring/summer season.  I'll probably run four 800m races during this season and as of March 1st, I'll likely be starting up another build for spring/summer.


Sun, 1/4:  8-miles @ 6:57 pace

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