Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Better Day

Today I headed to the gym to get some upper body and core work done.  Afterwards, I went out for a 7-mile run, and for the first time since coming back from the injuries, I felt like myself - it was a nice change.  

I started out the way I typically do for the first couple of miles (about 7:10 pace), but I could tell right away that it was coming much easier than it had been the past few weeks.  The average time for the 7-miles came out to 6:44, which isn't such a big deal, but the way it unfolded made me feel like perhaps I'm getting my fitness back.  

7:07, 7:11, 6:51, 6:29, 6:33, 6:28, 6:27.  

A nice consistent effort for the last 4-miles.  The times here aren't that important to me as much as the effort required to produce them.  Nice to feel like myself again.  Of course this is only one run, so it doesn't mean all that much yet.  I'll probably be able to get a more solid assessment as to whether or not this was real or just a good day over the next week or so.


Thurs, 2/26:  lifting (upper-B, abs)
PM:  7-miles @ 6:44


Ewen said...

That's a good turnaround from Tuesday's track session Mike. By the way, that wasn't too bad really (although I don't know why you stopped). 2 x 1 mile and 1 x 1000 is still a reasonable volume of fast running.


It a good sign when you can run faster as you press through the run, must be getting stronger for sure!