Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Putting Humpty Dumpty Back Together

The rate of improvement in the had has been nothing short of amazing.  Yesterday, when I went to change the bandage I was very surprised to see that all of a sudden, there's actual skin covering the entire area.  This thing had been open and bleeding every day and now it's 100% closed!  You can still obviously see the large gash, and this new skin looks and feels very raw - sort of like the new skin underneath a really bad blister, but at least it's now covered.  

I'm no longer using a splint, taping the fingers together or even using a bandage - it's now operating just like a normal hand.  (except of course for the swelling and the inability to make a fist or grip anything)  Most of the purple and yellow color is gone on all of the fingers as well.  

Another bit of good news - I went to the CMT today to get the ailing hamstrings worked on, and they're much better.  Still tight in certain areas for sure, but not nearly as bad as before - I'm sure the week off has helped out w/ that.  

So in the span of 10-days I've gone from a guy w/ a bone sticking out of his hand (along w/ a couple of other mangled fingers) and injured hamstrings - to actually feeling pretty good.  Sitting in the emergency room I was certain that I would be out of action for at least 6-weeks, and maybe even 2-3 months if I needed surgery etc.  But I've been fortunate enough to be able to start up again after only a week, and now a few days after that I feel like I can just about pick up where I left off - only better because the hamstrings are in better shape.  

Obviously, I feel very lucky.  Not exactly the way you want to take a week off to heal the hamstrings, but effective nonetheless.  Of course I still have that hand rehab thing to deal with, but I'm not too concerned about that.  Instead, I'm looking forward to executing the plan and getting this build going.  


Wed, 2/11:  No running.  Appt w/ CMT, core work


Michael said...

I'm glad to hear that you're healing well, and making use of your time away from the roads. Hang in there and you'll be back soon enough.

Ewen said...

You were lucky alright. When are you planning on starting speedwork again?

Mike said...

Thanks guys.

Ewen - the 800m or Mile race pace workouts won't be for a while now, although I'll probably still do my 2x200m as part of the warm up to keep the speed up. (but even that won't start up for about a month)

I'm going be doing something close to the plan I put up on the Feb-3 post. So tempo/threshold will start late next week, long intervals soon after etc.

Unfortunately the winter season is lost, so I have to turn my attention to the spring/summer season - and for that it's probably best to go back into a "build mode". This build however, will contain more long intervals so I'll be doing the tough stuff earlier and more often than last time.