Sunday, February 22, 2009

Updated Training Schedule

On February 3rd, I posted this Training Schedule to prepare for the summer season.  This was simply a rough outline that I put together myself w/o coach's input.  I figured that once she and I spoke about it in detail, a slightly different plan would come together - and this is it:


Wk 1 – hills, cruise intervals, long run

Wk 2 – hills, tempo, long run

Wk 3- long intervals, cruise intervals, long run

Wk 4 – hills, long intervals, long run



Wk 1 – long intervals, high volume short intervals, long run

Wk 2 – long intervals, high volume short intervals, long run

Wk 3 – long intervals, speed (intro), short intervals, reduce long run distance to 10 miles

Wk 4 – long intervals, speed, short intervals, 8-10mile long run



Intro to anaerobic workouts

Wk 1 – longer intervals (low volume), speed, anaerobic short intervals, 8 mile long run

Wk 2 – longer intervals, speed, short intervals, 8 mile long run

Wk 3 – longer intervals, speed, anaerobic, 8 mile long run

Wk 4 longer intervals, speed, short intervals, 8 mile long run



Early Competitive

Anaerobic workouts, high intensity/low volume



Mid competitive




Late competitive


This plan is quite a bit different than the one I posted earlier.  About the only similarity is the stressing of the long intervals for an extended period of time.  However, this plan above is much more intense - a lot of the threshold work in the Feb-3 plan has been yanked out and replaced by short interval sessions.  We've also moved the hill portion up to the front.  

By the 2nd half of April I'll be up to three workouts per week in addition to the long run (although we'll be shortening the long run at that time).  Down weeks are not shown specifically, but they will be included - this plan is just meant to show what the emphasis will be each week/month.  Once June starts, the emphasis will move to speed work to prepare for the start of the season.  (long intervals should be finished by then)

I'm hoping to ramp the long run up to about 14-miles or so before we start cutting the distance back in late April.  

Next week will consist of two threshold sessions plus a long run, and then I jump into what's posted here.  Should be interesting.


Ewen said...

That looks like a good middle-distance program Mike. If you can get all those sessions done there's no reason why you won't be racing well come the track season.

Nice work with the 1000s on Saturday. 5 seems a lot to me!

Mike said...

Thanks Ewen. This program is going to be really tough that's for sure. I'm banking on the fact that my previous build should provide a strong foundation for this one.

I think two of the months have 5-weeks instead of just 4, so I imagine those will provide me a couple of down weeks (although I'm sure I'll need to take a few more)

The biggest challenge now is getting myself mentally ready. There was a bit of a let down after working so hard and not having any winter season results to show for it. I have to be 100% mentally ready to go to handle those tough workouts and I know I'm not there right now.