Monday, February 23, 2009

Decent Week

Wrapped up the week on Sunday w/ a 10-miler.  Weather conditions were terrible - rain, lots of mud, and very high winds.  But there's no way I'm missing a run after all the time off regardless of the weather.  Legs were a little tired early on due to the threshold work the previous day, but they felt better as the run progressed.  

Off day today and an appointment w/ the CMT.  If there's no soreness tomorrow, I'll be heading to the track to get in a few threshold mile repeats.

37 miles for the week - I was originally planning on being in the 40s here, but after seeing how meager the mileage was for about a month, I decided not to push it up too quickly.  

Average pace for the week of 6:44 is probably a record for me, not that it's very significant.  I wanted to get in some steady runs leading up to the track workouts (even though they'll just be threshold workouts this week)  so that was the reason for picking up the tempo on a few of these runs.


Sun, 2/22:  10-miles @ 7:02 pace

Mon, 2/23:  Off (appointment w/ CMT - general maintenance, hamstrings continue to improve)


Michael said...

Those weather conditions sound perfect for a West Coast winter, or summer. I'm glad to see that things are coming around.

Ewen said...

Send some of that Californian rain our way Mike. That's a good build-up week.

I was thinking about what you said re the mental aspect of missing the winter season races. What about doing a 5k road race during this build-up - to see where you are at that distance and to have a low key short term goal?

bricey said...

Good to see that you're on the road again and good luck with the new schedule. Although you don't appear to have any trouble keeping motivated I agree with Ewen that a few pre-season races would be a nice way of benchmarking progress and getting race experience. There's nothing like the extra push that race adrenaline gives!!

Mike said...

As always, comments much appreciated.

Ewen and Brendan - thanks for the input regarding the races, it's a good idea. The only problem I have is I'm not sure running a road race will give me any extra motivation for training - on the actual race day I'd have some extra motivation, but I'm not sure it translates in training.

But yeah, I'm going to schedule a couple of 5ks in here to give me "something" to do. Thanks for the input.