Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Shoes

The new running shoes arrived today - Saucony Trigon-5 Ride.  They don't make this shoe anymore, I believe the new model is just called the Ride, but I haven't been able to find a pair to check out anywhere.  I know the T-5 Ride is a great shoe for me so I went ahead and ordered two pair.  (only $49.99 each down from the original $89 price tag.  First the free Roctane and now this - it's almost like I have a sponsor!)

I took a pair out for a spin this afternoon on my standard 5-miler.  I felt much better today than on Sunday.  Unfortunately I didn't make it to the gym yesterday as the legs were still way to sore to do a heckuva lot.  Actually there's still some residual soreness today - three days after the leg lifting session.  I knew it was way too long - I really need to build the strength back up.  

I'm hoping to get out for a run tomorrow morning before heading out to see the CMT.  I need to have those hamstrings checked out to see if I'm making any progress there.  (If only I could get a discount on that!)


Mon, 2/9:  Off

Tue, 2/10:  5-miles @ 6:45  (felt easier than Sunday's run, but definitely not 100% back)


Ewen said...

Good buy Mike. It's hard to get good shoes here for less than $140 US.

bricey said...

you seem to have a knack for bargins. Prices over here a much higher for quality shoes. For training I use Asics Kayano and €150 per pair!!

Mira said...

That’s good.!! I can't wait to see your new running shoes.