Friday, January 25, 2008

More Rain

Well, the forecast says 10 straight days of rain.  At this point the trails are beyond slick so that's out, and going to the track to run lap after lap in the wind and rain didn't seem all that appealing - so I headed to the gym to hop on the hamster-wheel.  (Man I really hate running on those things)

Easy day - scheduled to do 8 miles, but I somehow hit the "emergency stop" button by accident after 6.5 and I just wasn't motivated to punch the program in again so that was that.  I guess I'll make it up tomorrow.

Training:  6.5 miles @ 7:48 pace - (treadmill)
yesterday - lifting + core work


Mark said...

food for thought-a workout lost is simply that- no making it up

Mike said...

Yeah, I guess you're right. If I were to "add" anything to today's workout in an attempt to "make up" for cutting yesterday's run short - it probably just takes away from a subsequent workout . . . and in the end I've gained nothing.

Thanks Mark