Monday, January 14, 2008

Starting Base Week #5

Two workouts today:  am - a trip to the gym for some lifting and core work.  pm - a very easy 8 miles.  

I'm scheduled to do a Threshold workout tomorrow in the form of some cruise intervals.  Three sets  of 2-mile repeats (at about 12:30) w/ 2-minute breaks between sets.  Last time I did this workout I did two full sets + 1-mile on set #3 for a total of 5 Threshold miles.  (My HR climbed a bit too high after the 5th mile so I decided to cut it short)  That was a few weeks ago, so I'm hoping to get all 6 miles in tomorrow, but this workout is tough for me.  The 2-minute break goes by quickly, especially after the second set - and doing 6 miles at T-pace w/ only a total of 4-minutes of break time is not an easy day.

Training:  lifting + core work, and 8 miles @ 7:58 pace.

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