Sunday, January 27, 2008

MP Run to Finish the Week

Really bad storm blew through last night keeping me up most of the night.  The wind was REALLY bad - so much so that I had to spend about 3 hours in the rain this afternoon rebuilding a section of Redwood fence that the storm not only blew over, but blew into several pieces.

The good news was that the rain stopped for a few hours this morning so I headed out to the track to get in a quick run before tending to my "fence duties".

I've been reading Mike's blog where Mystery Coach talks about back-to-back workouts where, if I understand it correctly, you "activate" the muscle fibers w/ a hard workout and then work to "condition" the activated fibers the next day w/ either a Long Run or perhaps a MP run.  I'm sure I don't have it exactly correct, but I have seen Mike run some fast intervals on  Day-1 and follow it up w/ a long run on Day-2 so I couldn't help but think "hey, w/ my tempo run yesterday, perhaps I should do a MP run today and turn this into a bit of a back-to-back".

The reality is, as I mentioned yesterday my cardio always crashes long before my legs feel anything - so the ONLY way for me to stress my leg muscles is to hit them hard two days in a row.  I was really curious to see how my legs would hold up after yesterday's run and a Long run today would put me over my limit for the week so a MP run was the choice.

Planned on doing about 7 miles and I figured I'd let the pace settle in to whatever seemed right.  After a couple miles at about 7 flat I decided to go w/ that for the first 4 and then move the pace into the 6:40's for the remaining 3 miles.  Legs really showed no ill effects from yesterday other than the right calf being a little sore.  All in all a decent run - and even if my understanding of back-to-back's is NOT correct and I therefore did not execute that properly, at least I was able to give my legs a bit of a workout over the past two days.

Training:  7 miles @ 6:53 pace (7:05-6:56-6:57-6:57-6:51-6:47-6:38)  Ave HR-157, Max HR-163

BTW - if anyone can let me know whether or not my understanding of back-to-backs is correct, it would be greatly appreciated

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