Monday, January 28, 2008

Weekly Recap - Base Training Progress

No running today, just some lifting and core work.  For the week (ending Sunday) I totaled about 34 miles, which gets me back to the level I was at a couple weeks ago before the knee started acting up.

My running trails have been essentially "un-passable" due to the constant rain so I've been spending a greater portion of time at the track.  The negative here is that I'm not receiving any benefits of doing daily runs in the hills, but the positive is that about half my miles were run at sub-7:00 pace w/ no issues.  I think the knee is healthy enough at this point to start ramping up the mileage slowly and that will be the focus going forward.

In regards to the Base Training:  6 weeks in the books.  The weekly mileage for the 6 weeks looks like this:

1. 37 Miles
2. 35 Miles
3. 41 Miles
4. 34 Miles  
5. 20 Miles  (4 zero days - decided to rest the knee, supposed to be about 43 Miles)
6. 34 Miles  (Ramping the miles back up)

My Season Plan calls for me to up the Threshold workouts from 1 per week up to 2 for the next 3-weeks, however due to the setback, my weekly mileage isn't as far along as I'd like.  I've got 6 weeks left before the hill phase, so my priority at this time is to get the mileage up to the desired level by that point.  (although I will be sure to ramp slowly as it's really the distance that bothers the knee)

So, the plan is most likely going to change - I'll continue the one threshold workout per week w/ a longer MP run (instead of the second T-run) to help get the mileage up.  

After that I have a 3-week period w/ one Threshold run and one Hill workout per week before jumping into the full Hill Phase.

Training:  lifting + core work

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